Fraud prevention
Experts in the prevention of jewellery related fraud 

Our team of fully trained and highly qualified experts deal only with jewellery and watches. They conduct ethical validation which is transparent, auditable and has a strict set of industry led protocols aligned to the National Association of Goldsmiths. Our team have the ability to identify the smallest of inconsistencies during jewellery validation.

Being part of Watches of Switzerland Group, our Case Managers and Jewellery Appraisers have the ability to physically touch, feel and see product rather than having to rely on gaining product understanding and detail solely from websites and pictures. Our jewellery appraisal experts in particular, believe that this gives them a greater ability to obtain a precise description from policy holders and to accurately validate the claim.

We have direct access to a range of jewellery manufacturers and prestigious watch houses to obtain historical product information and access to registers. This gives us up-to-date knowledge and understanding of what supporting documentation is expected and accepted and what the industry does and does not produce. This not only helps with validation accuracy but also highlights any concerns of fraud.  

All concerns picked up during validation are highlighted on a report and sent onto you the insurer for recommended repudiation.
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