Our People
Your claim is in the safest of hands
Our People

We believe we are the best validation and replacement service providers.

At Hallmark we believe that customer experience is everything to both the insurance market and to your policy holders. We invest heavily in training our team to assist you in managing your indemnity spend whilst providing your policy holders with a World Class Experience throughout their claim journey.

There are a number of fundamental reasons why we believe we are the best validation and replacement service providers.

We manage just the one commodity and therefore we have ensured that we are specialists in all of the areas relevant to this commodity.

We have jewellery experts within our claims handling team, we have experts who are trained and accredited in caring for your policy holders fulfilment needs in every one of our showrooms.

We pride ourselves in being a centre of excellence with a team that holds unrivalled levels of expertise and skills, including Registered Valuers and experienced Jewellery Appraisers. We leave no stone unturned, identifying the smallest of inconsistencies during jewellery validation, as we have been doing so for more than 20 years.

We invest in our people and ensure they have the knowledge and empowerment to undertake all aspects of the claims journey with professionalism, accuracy, fairness and consistency. We want your policy holders to feel their claim is in the safest of hands whilst ensuring the very highest standards of validation, repudiation and service is delivered to you.

We understand that although our expertise and experience are a vital part of what we do, the environment that we deliver this in is just as important. Therefore, we have created a culture within our team that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. Much of our cultural change has been led by the people who know your policy holders best, those at the front line. Listening to the people who speak to your policy holders every day has enabled us to really understand what matters to your policy holders and ensure our claims journey is true to that.

When it comes to your policyholders making a claim for jewellery, we understand that the loss or damage of a precious piece can be an emotional experience. Jewellery often carries deep sentimental value and for this reason, our Case Managers receive empathy and victim support training to ensure your policy holders receive the very best levels of care throughout their claim journey.

We are passionate about serving your policy holders, which is why we offer a full claim ownership solution providing a unique and personal touch. Each of our Case Managers has a direct telephone line to make it easy to use our service. We understand that following an emotional experience, talking to an interactive voice response (IVR) can cause unnecessary stress to your policy holders. For this reason our service is completely human and we are confident that we have the right people speaking to your policy holders.

We believe that your policy holders deserve the best service when it comes to making a claim for jewellery, which is why our service doesn’t stop at settlement. As well as our highly skilled team of Case Managers and Jewellery Appraisers we have a combination of expertise, skills and professionalism at store level, as well as in our repair workshops. Your policy holder’s claim doesn’t finish on the receipt of a settlement card therefore, neither do we. Please refer to replacement services to understand more.

We know that the service our people deliver will help convert your policy holders into advocates who recommend your services to friends and family.
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