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Hallmark is the UK’s leading jewellery and watch complete insurance validation and replacement service provider. Our commitment to you is to deliver nothing short of a World Class Experience to both you and your policy holders every time.

We are part of the Watches of Switzerland Group, who are the largest prestige and luxury jewellers in the UK. Included within the Watches of Switzerland portfolio are the Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths brands.

Your policy holder’s claims journey doesn't stop at settlement therefore, neither do we.

At Hallmark we believe that with over 20 years experience working with the UK’s leading insurance providers, we have established a market leading service. This service not only surpasses anything the market has to offer today, but is designed to evolve to the demands of tomorrow. We believe in providing a solution that ensures the insurance provider secures the optimum levels of fairness, accuracy and
cost benefit, whilst the policy holder receives nothing short of a speedy, empathetic and a world class claims journey experience, each and every time.
Hallmark are a part of Watches of Switzerland Group who are the largest prestige and luxury jewellers in the UK which includes the Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths brands within its portfolio.
There are a number of fundamental reasons why we believe we can achieve this level of service. Hallmark has a team of exceptional people: our expertise, experience and leading service has a proven track record of securing retention and further recommendation for insurance providers. Our specialism falls out of the fact that we are part of the UK’s leading quality jeweller, helping us to deliver our commitment to you. At Watches of Switzerland Group we pride ourselves on our excellent product range and the unrivalled service that we provide across our portfolio of retail brands. This makes us unique, in that no other jewellery validation hub in the market has our strengths and the ability to provide a complete claims solution, which continues to hold your policy holders hand until they have their desired item back or replaced.

Not only do we deliver this
unique service, we also understand that jewellery and watches is a unique commodity. Unlike other household contents this commodity is quite often saturated in sentiment, nostalgia and emotional moments and memories. It is a commodity that often comes without serial numbers and is open to antique and bespoke pieces neither brochures nor websites can identify. We believe Service, Customer Experience, Empathy and the ability to complete a policy holders emotional journey is often critical if not more so, than the practical processing of a claim. We believe a policy holder never truly understands the value of their choice of insurer until they need to make such a claim. We also believe that when the service package is capable of addressing those more unique aspects of this commodity, it is then that a customer is more likely to replace, remain loyal rather than defect and recommend rather than complain.

Having partnerships with some of the UK’s leading insurers, our service is designed to achieve all of this.
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